BIG NEW CHANGES FOR 2020 - The most important changes in it's existence!



BIG NEW CHANGES FOR 2020 - The most important changes in it's existence!

Wang Zi Peng, a nationalist from Chifeng, China has been appointed as the Asian Director for China Light Inc. At first he was an interpreter fresh out of the International University of Tongliao. Then he became China Light's interpreter for 35 Americans, Canadians, the Philippines, and New Zealand.

After his mother, father, four sisters, and 45 others from his home village were converted, he became a missionary in Nigeria, distributing New Testaments and preaching to inmates in a large prison.

Now, he has brought teenagers from his beloved homeland to America, and here, they have all been baptized.

He knows northern China like the back of his hand, and as a result many New Testaments in their language have been placed in people's possession who never knew the gospel!

Our plans for 2020 are to bring to these wonderful, smiling people short wave radios that are broadcast from the isle of Guam in their language. Over 750 short wave radios have already been distributed this year.

We need many, many, many more...All broadcasts are Christian, in their language, and we have a distribution network established since early 2019! None of these people have ever heard nor read our life saving gospel!

Please help us with your prayers and contributions in U.S. Dollars and Chinese Yuans.


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